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He is the founder of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., the only blogging organization in Cebu, and at the same time, the President of the same organization from 2008-2009.

He is the founder and head of Best Cebu Blogs Awards, the only Awarding Body for Bloggers here in Cebu.

He is one of the initiators of World Bloggers’ Day, an international blogging event that started here in Cebu and has international partner bloggers and organizations from different countries such us  Pakistan, Singapore, Dubai, Nepal, South Africa, New York, Australia and New Zealand.

He founded Bloggers Social Responsiblity, a charity of Bloggers' obligation which is much similar to the Corporate Social Responsibility.

He is currently serving CBSi as the Membership Committee Chairman.

He is a blogger who authored a technology blog under and an entertainment and lifestyle/events blog at

He was a Department of Science and Technology Scholar from 2004-2007 and the DOST SA CEBU Board of Director from 2006-2007.

He was Labogon National High School's Batch 2 Valedictorian.

By the way you can contact me through the ff:
email: monta.mark(at)gmail(dot)com
facebook: Mark Monta

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lol, monts e refer pud akong website diri sa imong blog.. mas nindot monts if lahi nga apps imo gamiton ani...

  2. Anonymous says:

    hello really proud of you..though u're such a talented guy but u keep ur feet on the ground...

    keep up the good work young man until u reach your's not so far away from here...just a few steps to the top where the reward for your hard work and perseverance awaits...

    bronze tanned lady

  3. Monts, kaw diay tag-iya ani.... nice bai,...

  4. Joemill says:

    checked your about me bai...certified teknoy gyud ka bai! hehe..


  5. ianov says:

    Brad, i proud u.

    For me, BUGITS.COM is one of the best tech blogs in the blogosphere (Suya ko kay updated kaayo ni nga blogsite nimo, Brad)... Nicely done!


  6. Empress says:

    Hoi Markkkk...dili na sci-fi ang harry potter oist...shaunz...hehehe...peace...

  7. Joemill says:

    uu bai ako tong dd2 sa ayala! member na bai...hihi...

    nice meeting u guys...haha... :)

  8. dudesky says:

    oist cor nindot imo blog!! check nya ako lang name nako.....


  9. Anonymous says:

    very informative ang iyong site...i will surely learn e-things
    here....salamat sa pagdaan parekoy

  10. hi i'm jp says:


    i was hoping we can exchange links?

  11. Bjornson says:

    Hi I am Bjorn!

    This is a great site!

    I hope we can connect more. I am a blogger too, Cebuano sad.

    And I commend you for organizing the Cebu Blogger's Soceity. That is a great achievement, bai!

    I wish you more blessings.

    You may check my blog, too.

    You have made many Cebuano bloggers proud.

    More power!

  12. Nice Bay,

    Pila sad income ninyo ani inyong blog?

  13. Nice Site Bay, Pila sad income ninyo ani inyong blog?

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