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Sites i authored or administered.

This is my multiply page, on which i used to save some of my favorites pictures and mp3s

This is my friendster profile, the only place where i can keep in touch with some of my friends living in a far away land..ahehe

This is my Texts repository site, this is not updated always since i only saved here text messages which are needed to be deleted in my CP inbox

This is my personal blog site, i called it EUTS or Everything Under The Sun, i posted here all happenings and life experiences which are made under the sun...

This is my Bisrock page, a collection of my favorite Bisrock songs with their corresponding lyrics and a free mp3 download.

And the following are sites on which i am part as an administrator.

The DOST Scholar's site

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  1. galing naman, may mga repository ka pala sa mga works mo... idol talaga kita... ^_^

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