Posted by : Cebu Blogger Thursday, May 31, 2007

June 02, 2007 is one of the most fulfilling day of my life since this is my graduation day! yehey!
I will now obtain the Diploma for Information Technology course.. huwawwwwwww! what an excitement i felt today..
Week before the graduation, i had prepared myself and everything. I prepare my long sleeve, necktie, slack, shoes, belt and everything.. i had haircut and my father too.. but wait, i forgot to plan the best part of my program.. the "Eating session" ..waaaaaaaaa.....anyways, we will just buy anything from corner vendors..ahehhe
what important now is my graduation...yehey! yehay! yehoy! yehuy!

i cant wait to wear my formal attire.. nyahahha.. congratulations to me.. ahehe.. i am so happy.. very happy.. thanks to God and to my parents for the unconditional support and love.. yehey!

guys, wait for my own made graduation message.. ill post it after my graduation.. i am not the one who will give a message to graduates on the day of commencement exercise... but i love to make my own.. so wait and check it out in here!

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  1. jemme says:

    congrats tanom! weeeeeeee

  2. wow galing ni tanom!!! hehe

  3. bugITs says:

    hey jehz and jemme.. salamat talaga po!!!!! graduation is dis afternoon..aheheh..salamat ulit

  4. congrats kuya. hehehe

  5. tanom says:

    salamat batang yagit and chris.. i do have now the Information Technology Diploma..salamat talaga

  6. wow. sa wakas. graduate na, buti ka pa. ako dalawang taong paghihirap pa. :)

  7. bugITs says:

    hey kikay..salamat ha.. okay lang yon.. at least patungo ka na rin sa success!

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