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Are your skills in need of upgrading?
by: Mary Brandel

Those in search of eternal life need look no further than the computer industry. Here, last gasps are rarely taken, as aging systems crank away in back rooms across the U.S., not unlike 1970s reruns on Nickelodeon's TV Land. So while it may not be exactly easy for Novell NetWaretheir own views on dead and dying skills. Others offer their own suggestions for the pyre.) engineers and OS/2 administrators to find employers who require their services, it's very difficult to declare these skills -- or any computer skill, really -- dead. (Readers have their own views on dead and dying skills. Others offer their own suggestions for the pyre.)

In fact, the harder you try to declare a technology dead, it seems, the more you turn up evidence of its continuing existence. Nevertheless, after speaking with several industry stalwarts, we've compiled a list of skills and technologies that, while not dead, can perhaps be said to be in the process of dying. Or as Stewart Padveen, Internet entrepreneur and currently founder of AdPickles Inc., says, "Obsolescence is a relative -- not absolute -- term in the world of technology."

1. Cobol
2. Nonrelational DBMS
3. Non-IP networks
4. cc:Mail
5. ColdFusion
6. C programming
7. PowerBuilder
8. Certified NetWare Engineers
9. PC network administrators
10. OS/2

source: computer world news

3 Responses so far.

  1. waa gusto ko pa namang mag aral ng coldfusion.. dying na pala.. sana may coldfusion 2.. waaaaaa

  2. tanom2000 says:

    oo nga.. ahehhe.. sana meron pa.. wag kang mag.alala jehz.. baka gagawa ako ng bago..nyhahaha

  3. i don't think C is a dying language. eto kaso core ng halos lahat ng existing lang used in the industry. hmmm.. evolving i may say. dying lang cguro in a sense that it underwent a lot of changes that it came to the point that the native C lang ceased to be used.

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