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Below is the latest news from my Alma Mater.. and here, our chaplain speaks..


We like to think that CITE is not only a school that offers good technical education, but also and more importantly a Christian education.

It is for this reason that together with the well-thought-out plan to impart technical skills to students, there is always an abiding sense of inculcating in each one of them the true spirit of Christ in so far as it is lived in each one’s circumstances.

Christian education is any kind of education that takes its inspiration from Christian faith. It cannot be exclusively identified with one kind or system of education. It can identify with any, but goes further and deeper.

What Christian education does is to serve as a kind of soul and leaven to any kind and system of education. It reminds everyone that we are creatures and children of God, and our life and everything that goes with it is supposed to build up our relationship of love with God and with everybody else.

This distinctive character of Christian education has to be translated into concrete classes, modules, plans, etc., that serve this purpose. And therefore its immediate and constant concern is that everyone involved in Christian education develops a vibrant and healthy spiritual life.

This is what we try to achieve in CITE, with God’s grace and our all-out effort.

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source: CITE Technical Institute

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    to aice:
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