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another info.. i just got this from a site somewhere, named ZILVAN.. and of course as an active blogger.. i put it in here for everyone to know.. here are the "i dont know if its true- facts"...

Did you know that:
#Over 2.7 billion searches are made on Google search engine each month?
# Google can be queried in 36 languages (2007)?
# Google uses over 10,000 networked computers to crawl the web?
# Google has 2007 surpassed Microsoft as the world's most-visited site?
# Google have won 2007 most powerful brand by a British research company?
#Google staff are known as Googlers?
# The founders of Google didn't know HTML and just wanted a quick interface, thats one of the main reason why the home page is so bare?
# The name "Google" comes from a spelling mistake, the founders intendent to write "Googol"?
# Google launched their search site in 1998?
# The Google function "I feel lucky" is nearly never used, well compared to the high number of users?
# Google comes from the word googol, which is 1 followed by a hundred zeros?
#Google receives about 200 million search queries each day. More than half of which come from outside the United States. During the heviest traffic more than 2,000 search queries are answered each second?
#The most popular non-HTML format files return from Google is PDF-format?The top searchwords in Google where September 19, 2005 "hurricane rita"?

WOW.. isn't it a very famous site! GOOGLE forever!

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  1. Did you also know that Google is a public front for the NSA?

  2. ohh. d ko alam yan ah. haha ala lang.

  3. queen of mean says:

    Cool blog.So I'll visit this blog when I have techie problems so I can ask you na din.hehe.=)

  4. bugITs says:

    hi queen.. okay narin.. ask mi kung may problem ka sa computer.. ahehe.. thanks for the visit!

  5. rHo says:

    wow!! hindi na ako magtataka kung bakit ang yaman-yaman na ng may-ari ng google na yan!! hehehe..

  6. wewin says:

    guys, u dont have to be in the I.T. industry to know that... DUH!!!

  7. macy14 says:

    its pretty obvious you use google all the time because it is very apparent that you are getting your blog there. honey, there are more in this world aside from copy and paste from google.

  8. bugITs says:

    to wewin and macy14..
    hi guys, i appreciated your comments.. by the way, just for your information, some of my posts here were derived from other websites.. and you are right, i had copied and pasted some of them, but this is for the sake of giving information to some of my blog mates who do not know those computer stuffs.. thanks again!

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