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The first computer "bug" was a real bug.

In 1945, engineers found a moth in Panel F, Relay #70 of the Harvard University Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator (a primitive computer).

The computer was running a test of its multiplier and adder when the engineers noticed something was wrong.

The moth was trapped, removed and taped into the computer's logbook with the words: "first actual case of a bug being found." (see picture above)

Then there it begins, the operators said that they had "debugged" the machine.. thats the story of "debugging a computer" born...

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  1. Alex says:

    toinks.. moth diay.., kaingnon nakoh kuting...khekhekhekzzzzzzzzzz....

    invite nyo poh ako's friendster ha...... wait lang pohhhh....!

  2. bugITs says:

    wahahah.. thats what i knew also.. moth pala at ano naman yong kuting? ahehehe...salamat sa comment!

  3. tina says:

    haha. ka remember ko ani sa among isa ka subject and it was my report. oh well.

  4. hi diay :D
    musta busy sa pagTanom???

    oist nag lagay ka pa ng picture ang liit naman pag click .. dili unta nimo gi-Reduce :D

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