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This is my first time to post some of the funny help desk calls.. since those are part of computer stuffs as specified above (in my header) i'll include them this time.. now, here it goes, i worked as IT Technician and has a function as IT ServiceDesk or commonly known as IT Helpdesk.. Some these posts are encountered by us and take note, some of them are true.. so have a funny read!

Remote user:I can't connect with the network,
Tech support: "After several minutes of troubleshooting, it was clear that the problem was the user's modem, which basically dead"
Impatient user's next question: "Where can I download another modem?"

Customer: "Hi, this is Rose. I can't get my diskette out."
Helpdesk: "Have you tried pushing the button?"
Customer: "Yes, sure, it's really stuck."
Helpdesk: "That doesn't sound good; I'll make a note."
Customer: "No. Wait a minute. I hadn't inserted it yet. It’s still on my desk. Sorry."

Helpdesk: "Click on the 'My Computer' icon on to the left of the screen."
Customer: "Your left or my left?"

Helpdesk: "How may I help you?"
Customer: "I'm writing my first e-mail."
Helpdesk: "Okay,and what seems to be the problem?"
Customer: "Well, I have the letter 'a' in the address, but how do I get the circle around it?"

Tech Support: "What does the screen say now.."
Person: "It says, 'Hit ENTER when ready'."
Tech Support: "Well?"
Person: "How do I know when it's ready?"

Person: "Do you know anything about this fax machine?"
Tech support: "Okay and What's wrong?"
Person: "Well, I sent a fax, and the recipient called back to say all she received was a cover sheet and a blank page. I tried it again, and the same thing happened."
Tech support: "How did you load the sheet?"
Person: "It's a pretty sensitive memo, and I didn't want anyone else to read it by accident, so I folded it so only the recipient would open it and read it."

Tech Support: Thank you for calling this is Mark, How may i help you?
Customer: "Hi, good afternoon, this is Martha, I can't print. Every time I try, it says, 'Can't find printer'. I've even lifted the printer and placed it in front of the monitor, but the computer still says it can't find it."

Tech Support: Thank you for calling, how may i help you?
Customer: "I have a huge problem. A friend has put a screensaver on my computer, but every time I move the mouse, it disappears!"
Tech Support: Oh!

So, how was that? isn't it funny? now next time you gonna call helpdesk for obviously needing a careful with what you think and say.. you might be sound funny in the other side of the phone! nyahahahaha!

Computer Help Desk Calls

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  1. waaaa nakakatawa :)

    lalo na un can't find the printer :D

    leave ka rin comments ha

  2. wewin says:

    you're a FRAUD... I've read those so many times from forwarded emails.. ***sighs*** and please check ur grammar, stop behaving like you heard it first caz the rest of the world had..

  3. macy14 says:

    it sounds to me that you dont have a work-life balance. try to have some life because you won't stop from bragging your "not so worth bragging" experience if you dont have world outside computers. having life and taking some social life will help you improve your grammar skills. =)

  4. bugITs says:

    To wewin and macy14:
    hi guys, thanks for the comment again..oh! sorry if my grammar are wrong.. my purpose of posting is to give information to the uninformed blog mates of mine in the field of computer and IT stuffs and not to teach them ENGLSH.. and don't know if you had read it already in your email.. anyway, because of your comments, i learned.. thanks again guys!

  5. Anonymous says:


    i enjoyed reading your entry....more poer dude.

  6. Anonymous says:


    i enjoyed reading your entry....more power dude.

  7. Virginia says:

    ang eengot nila hehe!

  8. Paris says:

    Lolz. i enjoyed your post. Being an IT support requires a lot of patience. Cheers!

  9. bugITs says:

    to blogadikted:
    thanks sa appreciation..

    to virginia:
    di naman masyado..

    to paris:
    tama ka nga..

    to thedying:
    hehehe rin.. thanks sa visit

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