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Hey, just want to share this with you.. as i do my daily internet digging and exploring, i had visited this site, PC world, which released a news regarding above subject..

The 20 Worst Windows Features of All Time
From Windows 95's Active Desktop to Vista's UAC

20. Drivespace
19. Windows Movie Maker
18. Web TV for Windows
17. Shut Down
16. Paint
15. Windows Aero
14. Active Desktop
13. Windows XP Search
12. The Microsoft Network
11. Windows Explorer
10. Windows 95 USB
9. Windows Genuine Advantage
8. End Task
7. User Access Control
6. Windows Update
5. Messenger Service
4. Notifications
3. Internet Explorer 6
2. The Registry
1. ActiveX Controls

Are you still a Windows fan? Me? hmm .. definitely, i just love windows... ahehhe

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  1. icka says:

    ay..saya nga nung "paint" eh.. hindi komplikado katulad ng mga photoshop hehe..

  2. ayel says:

    wala tayong magawa, mark, we are born in a Windows world. hehe.

    @icka: masaya din ang photoshop! di naman xa ganun ka-komplikado...

  3. Active X controls talaga minsan nakakainis kasi sa virus

  4. wala bang reasons kung bakit? haha

    hindi naman ganon kasama yung iba,a?

  5. sweetmacy says:

    i just dont understand why you said that they are worst feature of all time. not sure as well if this is something you copied from net again or from your idea. I am also a technician from a multinational computer company and there are things that confused me like drivespace because in my three years of profession as technician, this is the first time I heard that drive space is windows feature because I am sure that it is a storage feature and not windows, or if you mean the space that OS is eating, you should have written space allocation. It just doesn't make any sense at all, im sorry.

  6. bugITs says:

    hi sweetmacy, thanks a lot for your feedback and comments.. yes, you got it right...if you are really reading the post, you can see

    (Hey, just want to share this with you.. as i do my daily internet digging and exploring, i had visited this site, PC world, which released a news)

    and you got it right i just got it from a net.. thanks a lot again!

  7. neolle says:

    Active X is just a marketing name by Microsoft. It is really COM from the inside - i believe it is not a feature but a technology.

    I have been in the software development industry for 7 years and 98% of our clients are windows based.

    I am now in the software infrastructure in industry, so I must be product-neutral and focus on the technology.

    With the birth of Web 2.0, I don't see "The light at the end of the tunnel" for Microsoft. Google business model is taking shape and fast. It wont be long that Google will be Microsoft's worst nightmare.

  8. bugITs says:

    tama ka na naman noelle..iwan ko ba but na feature yan sa net na kinunan ko.. ahehe

  9. niessuh says:

    why windows movie maker is one of the worst features? i object! HAHA.. its good..

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