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Postini is one of the most built anti-spam firm, securing all email, instant messaging and the web. In fact, our company also one of those thousands of customers that postini have.
And now the big thing here is that, GOOGLE announces Plans to acquire POSTINI.. what?! isnt't it a great tandem.. here is an open letter from the postini office...

Google has announced their plans to acquire Postini.

This is great news for Postini customers. Postini has always had aggressive plans for the future. We have excellent solutions and a loyal and strong customer and partner base, thanks to you. The opportunity to become part of Google will allow us to accelerate our growth and leverage the scale and resources of this great company.

What does this mean to you? It will be business as usual at Postini. We will continue developing new solutions in compliance and enhancing our core communications security services. We will continue to support you and honor all contracts. You will receive the same quality, value, and service from Postini that you have come to expect.

Postini and Google are an excellent match. Google is interested in Postini as part of their strategy to deliver compelling hosted applications to business of all sizes. As you know we already have a partnership in this area. The Postini product line for secure messaging infrastructure and providing compliance solutions are very complementary to Google Apps including Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Docs & Spreadsheets. Google already has 100,000 customers for these services today. Together Postini and Google will become the next-generation Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

Please visit the Postini Community Forum, and stay tuned for more updates through our website, email, and other vehicles.

The acquisition is expected to close by the end of third quarter 2007. Until then, we will continue to operate as an independent company and it is "business as usual". Please watch your email for an invitation to a special webinar for customers and partners.

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  1. neolle says:

    I have been working on my research on Google Business Models and Google Business Strategy this past two days.
    Yes Postini is one of the company that is under Google's pending acquisition list. I believe the acquisition cost around $625 million.
    I believe Google also have a pending acquisition on an online advertising company called DoubleClick. Google's acquisition of DoubleClick costs at around $3.1 billion.

    Google already has a total of eleven companies bought this year alone - excluding the companies mentioned above. It's really mind boggling that a nine year old company - Google - can do such acquisitions. :D

  2. bugITs says:

    uu nga.. baka nga maging worst nightmare ng Microsoft and google company.. aehhe

  3. Anonymous says:

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