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i come to office, sit in my chair and open the laptop, then a weird idea come in to my mind what if there is a cellphone with built-in projector? naks! i write what i think and *pop* there goes the articles and pictures of a cellphone having a projector.. aheheheh.. nothing is impossible with technology..aheheh

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  1. Makoy says:

    wow, i would want that!!!

  2. hanep na cellphone yan ah!!!

  3. icka says:

    y not.. handy na ang projector.we'll see in the future.huhulaan ko ang brand *tanom* ba?hehe

  4. MundRay says:

    pwd rin... ung bng may reports ka cellphone mo na lang ung gagamitin hehe very handy.

  5. MundRay says:

    sori off topic 'to:

    tanong ko lang baka alam mo. yung browser ko kasi hindi walang sounds pag ng play ka ng videos like sa youtube. Aus naman mg play aq ng music like sa winamp or windows media player ung sa browser lang talaga. Aus naman ung speakers ko. Naka-on ha!

  6. arnie says:

    wow! baka next time may hologram na ang cellphone. hehe..
    have a good weekends!

  7. bugITs says:

    @ makoy... naks..pareha tayo! aheheh

    @ jehz .. totoo nga..very hanep..

    @ icka .. pwede rin..tanom ang brand.. basta ba bibili ka ha?

    @ mundray .. naks.. sabi mo pa! teka sa tanong mo..pwede ka email nalang sa akin..thanks

    @ arnie .. baka nga! we don't know baka mainvento mo..ahehe

  8. Chris says:

    i'd like to own one... pretty soon i know this will come

  9. Elizar says:

    most definitely possible yan! :D nice idea by the way...

    kung kaya lang nating mag manufacture nyan no? dami nating idea.. like Google for example, ung bagong gimik nila.. alam mo yun? yung Phone ng google? cool stuff!

  10. neolle says:

    personally, i am more excited with the Google Phone than the IPhone. Hehehehe, but if somebody will give me one, i will not hesitate to take it! :D

  11. Anonymous says:

    nothing's impossible.kung nagawa ang ipod at ang imate, malamang meron din nyan.

  12. skwayred says:

    Funny thing is, nu'ng tinanong kami ng teacher namin dati kung ano pa puwede idagdag na feature sa cellphone, binanggit ko cellphone na may projector (since at that time, naka-projector kami at 'yon 'yung pumasok sa isip ko). Useful s'ya for conference and such. :D

  13. ayel says:

    that will solve our problem with the bulky ones...but i'm sure that would be extra will need some mechanism to keep the bulb cool...

  14. Anonymous says:

    gusto ko nyan.....well, depende sa price....bka kasing mahal din ng proector, eh wag na lang din....hahaha

  15. kala ko totoo na.. T_T
    power rangers.. hehe!

  16. dazedblu* says:

    whew i think that was a kewl gadget, btw your blog is nice filled with bites of IT ;)

  17. bugITs says:

    @ chris uu nga.. ako rin pero sana may iphone na ako..ahheh

    @ elizar .. kaya natin yan.. ahahehe.. basta tanom ang brand..naks!

    @ neolle ..uu nga..nabalitaan ko rin yan kay uncle google (naks..parang alam ko ah!) aheheh

    @ jackie.. wag naman pirate..stop piracy..piracy is a crime..ahhehe

    @skwayred..tama ka nga..very usefull...sana meron ako isa.. ahehe

    @ ayel.. tama ka pow! aheheh

    @ reigh..kaya mo bumili ng ganon..kaw pa.. ahehe..celebrity kaya ka..ahehe

    @alleicarg.. totoo yan..pwamiz! aheh

    @dazedblue..salamat pow sa visit and comment..tsalamat ulit

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