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Weeeew.. as i do my weekly readings at my favorite site INFOWORLD, i see this interesting story they made..about an email hacking which hits embassy all over the world...hmm..interesting, right? here are the details:

Usernames and passwords for more than 100 e-mail accounts at embassies and governments worldwide have been posted online. Using the information, anyone can access the accounts that have been compromised

Computer Sweden has verified the posted information and spoken to the person who posted them. The posted information includes names of the embassies and governments, addresses to e-mail servers, usernames and passwords. Among the organizations on the list are the foreign ministry of Iran, the Kazakh and Indian embassies in the U.S. and the Russian embassy in Sweden.

Freelance security consultant Dan Egerstad posted the information. He spoke openly about the leak when Computer Sweden contacted him...more...


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  1. redlan says:

    informative post. thanks for sharing!

  2. icka says:

    hmm.. possible din bng ma-hack yung email add ko if i'm just posting the address per se? hmm..

  3. why there are hackers? just like asking, why there are thieves.. are hackers too smart that they're able to hack even what we consider as secured system?

  4. Daniel says:

    All hackers must die....hard.

  5. daniel-Jr says:

    tnx for sharing! naku ampf yan mga hackers na yan!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks for sharing bugits. alam mo may instance naman sa yahoo photos that when u log in, ibang acct ung asa Home. maloloka ka.ehhee.

    ndi ko alam kung minsan ung yahoo minsan nagpapahack ng mga accts. (issue to!haha)

    so there.

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