Posted by : Cebu Blogger Tuesday, August 7, 2007

naks! here we go again! My favorite Timex has released their so called Timex Ironman IControl Watch. It gives wireless control to the ipod (apple Ipod sample in the picture) , allowing runners, joggers and even walkers to change music! wow! isn't it great?! aheheh

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  1. ayel says:

    another shot at mobility, mutifuntionality, and connectity. keep coming, mark!

  2. dazedblu* says:

    Oh i think i heard a news abt it before.. nice though.

  3. neolle says:

    time will come that wrist watches will have so many features and functionalities that there would be no more room to tell time! hehehe

  4. Anonymous says:

    infurnessssss y not diba?hahahaa.. ang astig naman nian. seryoso yan?

    kaso i dont wear watch. nangangati wrist ko lalo na pag nilagay sa kaliwa.hehehe..

    pero ayos sa invention ha. eyelavet!

  5. MundRay says:

    aus pra athletes. lalo na pag jogging

  6. icka says:

    cgro pgsobrang mayaman n ko, ska na ko bibili ng gnyan. haha.okay n sa kin ung malaman ko lng ung oras.hehe

  7. topdog says:

    i hope they can make one that looks mroe professional. i'd love that.

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