Posted by : Cebu Blogger Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weee.. i was attracted to this notebook -- DELL Precision M90 -- take a look as i took a shot to it! grrrrrrr.. i hope i could have like that! huhuhuhu! These are the included in the package!

This is the bag! grrrr....

This is its mouse!

and tsadaaaan! the notebook!

And the LOGO! i love you DELLLLLLLL......

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  2. lutchi says:

    neat one..I got the inpiron...thanks for the visit and hope to see you again soon. TC

  3. Anonymous says:

    anu specs nito? looks like it's a good choice. I have a Sony Vaio and so far it's been doing a superb prfoemance.

  4. icka says:

    wow... social naman. di kc ako oriented sa mga ganito eh.. how much ba toh?

  5. daniel-Jr says:

    huwaw! pare,, gusto ko din yan!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    wow! hahah.. i feel u.

    i crave for sony getting it soon. hahha.. so so so soon ;)

    nice entry. love the bag tanom ha. :D

  7. hehehehe... DELL or Acer? or Sony Vaio? hmmmmmmm.. isip pa ako waaaaaaaa!

  8. hindi ko masyadong gusto ung laptop.. wahahaha.. parang kahon.. tska ang lapad ng rest pad sa harapan. try to see Toshiba and Acer. One note is that these brands manufacture their whole laptop components. so sure ka na mula sa loob till the outside, sila my gawa.. unlike HP and others, parang binubuo lang nila.. :D

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