Posted by : Cebu Blogger Friday, September 14, 2007

Just this morning, when i scanned all my IT magazines and there i found this Windows & .net magazine. I started reading at the back when i saw this funny windows error.. ahehehe.. please see below...

Suspicious Site: wahahahah, microsoft site itself need to be blocked?

So where are they?: A tripster was attempting to delegate control on an Active Directory (AD) object. Everytime he browsed AD for the user to whom he was delegating control, he encountered above dialog box. After closing the dialog box, he continued working with 0 object shown... grrrrr!

Cool the check box is already working: While opening and ADOBE System's Adobe Acrobat PDF file from a website, a tripster discovered the curiously empty dialog box the above shows. Apparently, someone had already selected the Do not show this message again checkbox and forgot to tell him.

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  1. ii-acee-ii says:

    i liked your posts bro, katuwa yun costumer service stuffs... yun DELL kala ko sau.. pero nice nga ah! yamu, mukhang kinakarir mo pagblog, malay mo, may magbasa, bigla kang bilhan nun! hahaha.. niwey, keep it up bro! :D

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