Posted by : Cebu Blogger Monday, October 29, 2007

CLEARSPRING anounced Monday their new internet tool.. they call it LAUNCHPAD .. Actually, i do not know more about clearspring but definitely this will give newbies, internet users and most frequently bloggers to easily make their widgets in a minute...
And now for the features, i scanned them out and what i like best are the ff:

1. Maximize Distribution
- "Use our customization buttons and menus to align your distribution strategy with your website design."
>>> Of course i am interested on this feature since it will be worry free to users especially to ME.. LOL

2. Real-Time Analytics
- "Access analytics data via multiple mechanisms like our browser-based dashboard, Microsoft Excel, or via APIs."
>>> hmmm.. about this one... i dont know how will it work..but let see.. aehehe

3. Fast and Easy
- "Widgets are automatically tracked by our analytics engine."
>>> WOW.. they are tracked, but i guess this is just like of Google Adsense widgets.. tracking are there.. weeeeeeeeee

4. Customize the Experience
- "Use our full-featured API for total control."
>>> I will make a try on this one.. so that i could definitely understand these features... aehhehehe

and now... check their site for more info.. aehheheeh

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