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Today, we are given these packages named Mobile Phone Charger from PLDT/SMART. This is for a raffle, and fortunately, i got one of them. SO take a look of that latest (i don't know if it is) GADGET... This can be use for emergency, like you are having a low battery while you are texting along the street, so grab this gadget and plug it to your cellphone and there you go... charging is on progress! weeeeeeeee.. Plus..this is loaded with a single AA battery only....

1. Unscrew bottom cover and load a single AA battery into the charger (use alkaline battery for best result)
2. Connect and adapter which is suitable for your phone to the charger
3. Connect your phone to the adapter and the LED will light.

1. Use a single AA battery
2. Output current 350mA maximum
3. Give you 2 hours stand by time
4. Supply current more than 259mA to the device
5. Current limited for safety
6. When AA battery runs out of power, the LED turns off automatically
7. Typical efficiency: 85%


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  1. Anonymous says:

    HMMM, sorry to burst your bubble here, pero medyo matagal ng may ganyan sa japan when i used to wrok there, as early as 1999. hehehe, pero here I think it's new so..........

    happy new year bro!!!

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