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Genius intoduces its G-Pen M712 Pen Tablets

"The G-Pen M712 from Genius is a remarkable tablet with creative functions which are more advanced and ideal for professionals. The 4000 LPI high resolution provides the best graphic performance for professional design. The unique dual mode function can switch the active area from wide to standard and back. The 12” x 7.25”(wide) / 9.5” x 7.25” (standard) working area and one cordless pen is great for Windows and MAC users to write, draw, sketch and sign emails. Using the pen tablet gives you better convenience and control compared to your mouse. The cursor moves precisely where you position the pen.

For pen and functions, click HERE

The two rolling pads at the top of the tablet are convenient for either hand. As you press the hot keys (Scroll, Zoom, Volume), the blue LED will blink and you can use the rolling pad to easily operate the 4D scrolling, zoom in /out and volume up/down functions. The sleek elegant-black design with dual mode active area is a perfect fit for wide and standard screens. There are thirty four fast shortcut keys you can select with the pen for instant access to Office, Internet and Vista functions. The cordless pen features two buttons and 1024 level pressure sensitivity for drawing or writing. While you draw or write with the digital pen, you can control the shapes and thickness easily.

Just plug it in and you can use built-in Vista functions like personal note taking, email signing, handwriting recognition, handwritten emails and pen flick navigation. Bundled with PhotoShop Elements 5.0 (full version), you have a professional tablet and is the best choice for artists and designers. Just ask your salesperson how you can pick this device up."


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