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Yes, my bugITs - technology news and updates site is now 1 year in service.

Many has asked me why bugITs? why not using other names or title for my blog?
Well, here is a brief story.

I was once a student in an exclusive for boys technical school here in cebu city. A student of Information Technology class. We are 24 in one class. We are very close to each other on which other department's students feel insecure to us. We enjoy each other's accompanying, our gigs and our very own name calling. There we had formulated the name bugits. We called ourselves bugITS which means and IT (information technology) aspirants who later can debug BUGs on programs and others.

And now everyone know why bugITs, i would like to give Thanks to all my blogmates who are always there in times of my blogging needs and everything.

Thanks a lot to my closed blogging friends:
1. Aethen - the stolen child who keeps himself busy in his leadership career. We call each other as "sangay" since we do have the same name "Mark".
2. Aice - the beautiful lady in Davao. She thought i was admired to her sister but it was just a joke. Actually, this young girl inspires me on everything.
3. Ariel - one of the closest blogging friend, a young professor (is that right? aehhe) from Mindanao who helps fellow bloggers in everything he can do. Currently, i had meet him at Skyrise, IT Park here in cebu and gave him souvenirs for him to take home and think that he has a cebu blogger friend.
4. Kuya Vince - the brother online..aheheh.. btw, he is good friend of mine who can give spiritual advise to those who are immoral..i mean.. seeking guidance..aeheh
5. Daniel - my blogging bestfriend.. i considered him my bestfriend since we share the same "Kalokohan" ..ahehe
6. Jehzeel Laurente - the blog monetizer of all time..aheheh.. btw, he is a very good adviser in terms of blogging, web developing and especially monetizing your site.. i learned a lot from this Nerd.. i mean intelligent man..
7. Junlee - my online buddy..he was very helpful when i asked him to design a bugits t-shirt for me.. thanks dude for everyhting..
8. Nash - a silent guy whom i know can be of big help in all bloggers
9. Chris of PGG - yes his name is Chris, his the author of the famous Pinoy Guy Guide.. even if he is so very busy, he still can manage to chat and discuss some Guy's view... thanks also to the prize i receive from your blogsary special..
10. redLAN - this guy is really great! i mean he knows everything in life.. he can be your adviser even though we are not so close but he is so lovable to all his blog mates just take a look on his posts
11. Reigh - WOW! my online dance instructor..wahahha.. anyways, even though he encountered a lot of love stress and controversy in his career, he still managed to stand up.. way to go brother!
12. Richard - In spite of the fact that this guy always asking help in building and developing his site..he is still a guy who can be a great help to anyone...
13. Winston - well.. second to jehz is the guy entitled himself as Batang Yagit..and i really do not know why he calls himself such since he does have much MONEY..hmmm..

To my Cebu Bloggers Society friends:
Jerry - Thanks a lot for the ideas you gave me in dealing with life, he is a bisaya blogger.. i love the way he posts in bisaya language
Clarence - this naughty individual can really make you laugh all the way... why? secret! aheheh
Kevin Ray - my cebu buddy, he is so busy that i cannot chat him of what is happening in the world outside..well he is famous of bringing Mar Roxas For President at 2010 in the internet world..AJA!
Iggy - a humble individual who considered himself as "KABUS" hu? aheheh.. btw, a great person..intelligent individual and a Naughty chicks boy! wahahah
Jorich - this "kulot" can really show you how to deal life when it comes to LOVE...nyahahah

To my other blogmates who are not mentioned above.... you are still a great help in building my site not just in topping the Google search but in topping myself itself.

Thank you! Thank you!

Happy BlogSary to bugITs - Technology news and updates!

16 Responses so far.

  1. Kevin Ray says:

    Wow! One year na! Congrats!

    Ako sad blog hapit na mag-1 year this July 29, 2008!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats, Mark!

  3. happy blogSary nom!
    true naman talaga eh you admire my sister tinatanong pa nga niya kung ano cp number ng sis ko etc...
    regards ko daw siya doon... waaa!!! ginawa pa akong bridge? over trouble water bah?

    anyway Thanks happy BlogSary!!!
    keep it up ako malapit narin mag-blogsary hindi ko ma remember when ^_^

  4. wow!!! congratulations man!!! happy anniv!!

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Mark!

    Bilis ng panahon no? Happy 1st Blogsary hehehe.. thanks sa special mention hehehe :p

    I was actually wondering too why you call your blog bugITs. Now we all know.. It's interesting how people come up with blog names.. :)

    More power to bugITs!


  6. aethen says:

    Congratz, Sangay! Keep bloggin'

  7. redlan says:

    Wow, am so honored u included me on ur list kahit na hindi masyado ako bumibisita dito. Salamat Mark!

    Happy one year blogsary to you! Continue helping people. Keep blogging kewl things!

    Thank you once again.

  8. bugITs says:

    @ kevin ..thanks talga
    @ kuya vince.. salamat rin sa iyong nakakatindig balahibong mga advises..aehhe
    @ice...that is true..joke lang po..
    @fjord...sensya na di kita naspecial mention..but it will not matter..salamat talga
    @chris..salamat of a kind ka talaga
    @sangay..salamat rin sangay!
    @redLAN...weeeeeeeeee..syempre kahit sino na malapit sa akin kahit di nagvivisit site ko ok lang..aheheh

  9. Abou says:

    pa cheeseburger ka naman!

  10. mnel says:

    feeling close lang. ^_^

    happy one year of blogging! cheers to more blogging years to come. ^_^

  11. Hi Mark! Congratulations! Let's celebrate.

    Mangalap ta'g bugs. Mabuhi ang bugzilla! Aw, ang BugITs diay. Mabuhi ang BugITs!

  12. richard says:

    congrats dude! keep it up! more blogging years to come!

    thanks for everything. .for being part of my blogging days.. your such a good online buddy.

    God bless..

    P.S. Pag makapunta rin ako dyan sa Cebu, paghandaan mo ang souvenir na ibibigay mo sa'kin. or else,.. hahahaha! *buto!

  13. Winston says:

    why second to jehz? i should be on top. hahaha..lols. just kiddin.

    congrats mark. :)

  14. danieljr says:

    congrats:D sapilitan na to.. haha jowk


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