Posted by : Cebu Blogger Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If Paris Hilton has its House of Wax well, we, hackers (am i included? lol) has our very own HOUSE OF HACKERS network. The site was run by GNUCITIZEN Think Tank.

According to the site, since its launched earlier this week, it has now signed up to about 1000 members (it includes me, again!).

The network was built for everyone's benefits. Hacking here is not used in negative side, they use it to elevate cooperation to all security researchers for the common good.

"House of Hackers stands strong behind the true meaning of the words hacker, hack and hacking. To the community, they should all express admiration for the work of the most skilled, creative, clever, unique, provocative, intelligent, intense, intriguing and interesting people among the human society."

Here is my newbie HOH profile..

2 Responses so far.

  1. arnie says:

    cool!8-) i might join this.:))

  2. says:

    count me in.. but wait.., next time na lang. hehe..

    ok lang ako, kaw? nawala ka yata sa ym. hahahaha! oo, nagmeet na kami ni bro.vince. ang bait!

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