Posted by : Cebu Blogger Friday, May 23, 2008

Desktop virtualization is getting more better with Microsoft technology (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)) and Kidaro's technology which produces new desktop virtualization product called Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization. This product is very useful for roaming laptop users.

“This technology will help enable end users to run applications from multiple versions of Windows at the same time, with seamless windowing and menus, and without the confusion of logging into and seeing multiple virtual machine desktops,” stated Shanen Boettcher, general manager of Windows product management.

Very cool combination indeed!

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  1. arnie says:

    cool! very stylish.

    i hope this application don't slow down the system.

  2. visiting u here.. blog hopping!!!

  3. says:

    *nose bleed..

    until now, di ko parin nagegets ang mga ganyang bagay. lols.

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