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Bill Gates keynote at Tech·Ed Developers conference at Orlando served as a preview of some of Microsoft's soon to be released technology. Some of the mentioned technologies/data oriented products were; the go live edition of silverlight 2, a new data caching technology and a partnership with IBM, the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Velocity, a distributed in-memory application cache platform, and a CTP of the Microsoft Sync Framework for Windows Mobile.

“When I think back on the early days of development when we were all programming in DOS, and then take a look at what we can do now with technologies like the .NET Framework, it simply amazes me how far we’ve come,” Gates stated.

He humbly finished the speech and got off the stage with polite applause from the audience.

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  1. wow, ang layo na nga talga ng narating ng mga tao pagdating sa mga ganang bagay (hindi ko lam itatawag e. haha. IT na nga lang! haha)

    tignan mo sa blog ko..hahaha

  2. Anonymous says:

    salamat sa pagdaan s blog ko pare,in-add na kita.
    x-links tau?:D

  3. bugITs says:

    ui @kate..ill answer the tagging if i am free..okay? aehhee.. i will post it in my personal blog..

  4. bugITs says:

    hi kurisujae.. add na kita bro! thanks sa visit! ya ha!

  5. arnie says:

    aww..ano kayang feeling nya habang nagpapaalam sa speech.

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