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What happen to Entrecard?
I cannot see the avatar...
Entrecard is its not
what the h@7l is happening to entrecard!!!

These are the phrases i heard when i logged in today and check on my entrecard...
Sad to say, i cannot advertise some of entrecard users...

so to confirmed what really happen, i check first their website and found below error or i may say an apology announcement?


There was a fire at our datacenter resulting in the failure of some of our systems, our database server appears to be offline still, we're working on it and we're really sorry about the issues at this time. more information arriving shortly.

Served from s02

And to add above statement is their email of apology to all entrecard users, want to repost this...


Unfortunately, there has been an electrical fire at the data center housing Entrecard's servers. The servers have not been damaged, but the site may be down for as long as 12 hours.Entrecard is hosted with ThePlanet, and this fire has effected over 9000 websites, as many of the world's most popualar websites are hosted with ThePlanet. They are working around the clock to get their data center back online, and we are hoping that they get it back online fast.Thank you for your pateince and understanding with this rare and frustrating problem. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do but wait for The Planet to get their datacenter back online.Please check back with Entrecard in 12 to 24 hours.

Entrecard Team

Do i hear 24 hours? tsk2x....

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  1. Lhurey says:

    thanks for the info....

  2. Ariel says:

    oo nga eh...sana maging okay agad.

  3. arnie says:


    Sana maayos nila agad.;)

  4. Lhurey says:


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