Posted by : Cebu Blogger Monday, July 28, 2008

I mean nothing on my subject, what i mean is that, does GOOGLE KNOL surpass WIKIPEDIA's supremacy in giving end users knowledge based information and or a great site for student's (like me who always depends on wikipedia) research papers and others?

a screenshot of google knol site

Well, on my own idea, it will not supersede. Because of some reasons, as i browsed, Google Knol (knol is the basic knowledge according to them), will only permit those users or i may say writers who will show their through identity when they are going to publish some informations. Thus, end users or internet surfers can then justify or trace who are the author of the said information and verify the informations. But this is not the point, as we know, internet is a "know more, know less" medium, what i mean is that you will know more on some data but know less on the author(this happen in some cases). I believe no writers will give their identity, especially putting their pictures on the web.

But if this GOOGLE knol will work out, we, end users will still be the beneficiaries for this another latest innovation in web services.

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