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Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner snatches
an apple from the grasp of a robot arm and
hand that can sense objects purely
by changes in the surrounding electric field.

Zachary Drake of Emotiv Systems demonstrates
an interface that monitors external signals
of brain activity with a special headset
and then translates the data into actions
in a basic video game. Here, his angry
expression chases away glowing
sprites in a video game.

Drake makes a gesture to lift parts in a video game.

Jason Campbell, a senior staff scientist with Intel Research,
described devices called catoms that collectively
could be assembled into materials that are in effect programmable.
Here, he holds two basic models.
Intel expects catoms to be miniaturized over time.
Because catoms can communicate and interact
electromagnetically, they'll be able
to take up more or less volume, Intel said,
so that shape-shifting and
color-changing materials can be built from them.

This catom, shown close up, is bristling with electronic elements.
Catom is a Carnegie Mellon University
term standing for claytronics atom.

A shorter catom shows delicate copper wiring.

The Intel robot, called Herb, moves a mug without tipping it.
Had it been full of a liquid, that might have kept
it from spilling--up until the point when the robot
unceremoniously dropped the mug it into its storage bin.

Source: ZDNet Photo Gallery: Advancing Machine Intelligence

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