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"It is not true that we have instituted a hiring freeze.What is true is that we are evaluating hiring as we always do and we might make projections that are different than perhaps we had at the beginning of the year." said Lou Gellos, a Microsoft spokesman.

Is America now definitely suffering financial crisis? leading Microsoft to do this alleged action? Well, i am not a judgmental person but i was informed through the net that some of the employees of Microsoft Corp. were receiving a note saying that Microsoft was reassessing its staffing levels and will not be adding more employees. But Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, announced that they will be hiring Engineers in Norway and other European places for their development on search technology.

In this news, could this be an indication that US financial crisis is now affecting the IT sector? Well, i hope not.

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  1. I think all sectors of the business community in the US are affected, not only the housing sector, or Wall Street, but also the Dow Jones and NASDAQ. Microsoft's problem is their marketing strategies. With their so-called "advertisements" to counter Apple's adverts against the PC, and to the Vista problems, will Windows 7 and Live Mesh be the ones to save Microsoft's woes? We'll see come 2009 or 2010.

  2. neolle says:

    I heard this issue several months ago. I think it is specifically in southeast asia where piracy in microsoft products are rampant.

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