Posted by : Cebu Blogger Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I knew many of the Filipinos here in the Philippines watched the news in TV Patrol World in the past day regarding the skin disease we might get from using our mobile phones, but do we know what to do in order for our phone to be germ free?

Well, Wireless Wipes™ got a good news for us. They have created the first ever sanitizer design for mobile phones, PDAs, black berries, and even laptop screens. It is fast drying, thus preventing damage to phone screens and leave a tea-cucumber scents.

“We spent two years developing Wireless Wipes with our chemical formulators to create a highly absorbent alcohol based sanitizer that eliminates or dramatically reduces your exposure to potentially harmful germs.” said Scott Silverman, President of Wireless Wipes™

I bet this would help us in this problem, the wipes can be brought everywhere and anytime, for it comes in 10-count re-sealable pouches suitable in your pouches.

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  1. kamo ray gi farman oi haha, maypa gapas og alcohol pede sd ligoon nino apil ^_^

  2. bugITs says:

    @ darkpilas666 molang! hahaha, actually, ako basta manglimpyo sa ako Phone kay gapas raman ug alcohol gyud.. aehheh

  3. iggy says:

    ka char sad ana la may limpyux2?

  4. bugITs says:

    @iggy, la ko kasabot sa imo gisulti! haha

  5. Nice! tagpila sad kaha ni?

  6. Alex says:

    ka char sad gud ana... antibacterial man jud...

    basin ang tag.iya na puy ma puno ug bacteria ana hap.... hehehehe...

    -Alex C.
    -a.k.a. "bataNgsasG"

  7. ah nice mark!
    meron na kaya etong mabili dito sa atin sa Davao kaya?

    ako gamit ko is moist na cotton with alcohol eh (^_^)

  8. bugITs says:

    @orbel wala paman guro na diri Pinas pero pwede mo moorder online, naa ngadto ang price..:)

    @alex wahahah! pwede sad.. hhhaha

    @aice tama gyud, cotton lang pero alcohol para patay bacteria.. aehhehe

  9. Athan says:

    naa diay ni ingon ani? ala man gud ko limpyo2x sa akong celfon. hehehe. anyways, this is a cool info! thanks!

  10. dude, longtime!..kmsta??

    patindi ng patindi ang mga helfpul features mo dito ah..keep it up:)

  11. bugITs says:

    @athan naa gyud bai! ahehe

    @josh, salamat! btw, longtime na nga..msta naba?

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