Posted by : Cebu Blogger Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who said art cannot be coincided with technology especially on laptops?
I, myself does not know who said that, hahaha!

btw, Dell has introduced its Dell Art House - Special Edition Art Laptops

These fabulous machines are designed by four famous artists from different places.
Here are the following:

Joseph Amedokpo
Joseph Amedokpo lives and works as a professional artist in West Africa. Joseph received education and art training in Nigeria and a scholarship from the Yaba Trade Center, where he studied fine art.

Siobhan Gunning
After a lifetime love of art, design and photography, Siobhan Gunning combines all three in her digital collages, many of which focus on her travels. She currently lives in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Bruce Mau
One of the world’s most sought-after industrial designers, Bruce Mau founded the Institute Without Boundaries and is the recipient of numerous honors, including the Toronto Arts and Chrysler Awards.

Mike Ming
Nicknamed after the Flash Gordon character? Mike Ming is totally opposite. Laid-back and peace loving, he takes everything life has to offer in New York City and beyond, and uses it as inspiration to express himself.

Very cool laptops, ayt?


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  1. Ayel says:

    magkano naman? hehe

  2. iggy says:

    i have seen this in attack of the show!!! mas ganahan kos simpler kay di kau daghan kuti!

  3. bugITs says:

    @ayel di ko alam magkano pero available and specs and price sa site ng dell

    @iggy maayo noon! aehhe

  4. the donG says:

    wow! who would not like that?!

  5. Alex says:

    nag igat2x naman pud ug sugod ang dell mark... natakdan man cguro nimo.. :D ....

    by bAtaNgsaaG

  6. Alex says:

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  7. bugITs says:

    @the dong, thanks for the visit.. me i do not LIKE that, i WANT that!

    @Alex ikaw ra igat ui! hahahaha

    @reynold nindot gyud! wala lang ko money! haahha

  8. Anonymous says:

    Interesting post.

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