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As we know, everyone are busy of counting down the days, hours and minutes for the next year 2009, the BCB (best cebu blogs) team was also busy of visiting different cebu blogs for this year first ever Best Cebu Blogs

grab this BCB badge and proudly post it on your blog sites,
thanks for DAREN on this contribution

Here are the 13 Winners that completed the top 10

1 Sinjin's House

As we picked up these top 10 blogs, out of 5 members of the judging team, 5 voted Sinjin's House. Yes, they loved and appreciated how Sinjin develop the site, how he write and promote not just cebu but all hot spot of the country. Its new template especially the header caught the team's attention and the layout and column distribution is clean and simple.

Cebu Bloggers Society

CBS site buzzed the online world last feb of 2007 and as the group started to go beyond numbers, one of the member has heartily donored this site which served as repository and collection of stories, activities and promotions of Cebu island. Where can you see a colored orange site? ahehe


Super Paul

Content and design wise, paul's site has them. Lots of knowledge and ideas can be gained from this site. From technology news, art appreciation to Making money online, Paul can serve you.

Mcbilly dot com

He is our celebrity cebu Blogger, his web layout is good so with his write-ups which discuss on his life as model, student, son and a proud member of Cebu Bloggers Society.


Travel cebu

knightcarl has started to blog during the mandaue business month 2008 contest but as the competition was done, he converted the site into a very promising posts and repository of wonderful activities and scenery of Cebu.

The Heritage of Cebu

This site tied-up with travel Cebu, because of its meaningful post and promotion regarding cebu as an island, as a culture and as a HERITAGE

5 My Cebu Photo Blog

leylander, the owner, has gained lot of comments in every post he made in his blog. The team has recognized him at top 5 because of his effort and write-ups which definitely not just promoting cebu but loving the island

6 Mar Roxas For 2010

The most controversial blog of all times - not until 2010(lol). Well, Kevin has gone a long way and updating people on what is his point of views in campaigning Mar Roxas for 2010 presidency is not a joke. He is a HIT of this year

7 Webslave's Portal

Kulot is already in blogosphere since June of last year, and as days pass by, his blog definitely rocks! Not mentioning that the team love his layout - blue-colored simplicity rocks!

8 Monkeetech

Have you seen a monkey wearing CBS tshirt? or do you know of a monkey doing the write-ups in its blog? will thats Reynold, the monketeech, updates of technology, web and online buzzes, you can grab it here.

9 Dahong Laya

I know two of the best Bisaya language bloggers here in cebu, one is Jerry and the other is obviously this Guy, CLADO, the owner, has showed his feelings and confident in writing thorugh his blog and with no doubt, dahonglaya is one of the best


IE Student

My colleague was amazed, "wow, how did this IE student manage to post and blog, he is not an IT guy"

I am Downloader

Orbel is in the blogging world already since June and his way of posting updates and online technology buzz captured the team that put him on top

Judging for this year top 10 best cebu blogs was personally done by bugITs-Technology News and Updates and EUTS: Everything Under The Sun owner with the help of his webdeveloper friends and IT officemates. For next year, this site will form a group to devotedly check, evaluate and judge the Best Cebu Blogs for 2009. In addition, as long as you are a cebu based blogger, your blog site will be included.

Judgement was done in terms of Blogger's site design and its content.

One of the purpose for this year's recognition is to show the country or even the world how passionate and powerful Cebu Bloggers are and how they create a world class web site for their blogs.

Happy New year, happy 2009! Congratulations BCB winners!

33 Responses so far.

  1. webslave says:

    yays! na shock ko na naka kita sa akong blog! nyahaha..salamat bai sa pag post sa akong blog dri.. ug sa pg recognize.. ai lab it!

    - XoXoXO

  2. Kevin Ray says:

    Yehey! I'm glad to be one of the Top 10 Best Cebu Blogs of 2008. It's an honor to be part of it.

    I never expected that something good is happening before the year 2008 ends and here it was.


  3. bugITs says:

    @webslave The BCB team choses you and its not only me who do such. Please grab the badge

    @kevin the team is asking why roxas? aehhee.. thanks kevs!

  4. At first, nauwaw ko oi pero dakong salamat sa aning simple yet great citation bai... Nakahabol pa ko sa list. Bravo! Clap2x.. Our Founder did it again!... Love the badge. Kinsa mana imong mga ka-team bah para amo silang pasalamatan sad. hehe...

  5. iggy says:

    1st and foremost I would like to thank my sponsors....Habagat for their support, CIT 4 not my Blog Dra. Bello for my "new look"...kinsa paman..??

  6. bugITs says:

    @orbel kauban nako diri sa Office bai, dont wori i will tell them.

    @iggy sponsor nimo si belo? wow! aheheh

  7. Hehe, ka cool ani ui. Thanks bai.

  8. clarence says:

    Di ni bias?

    3 teknoy bloggers kay naapil...not to mention the "owner" of this blog.

    medyo maulaw ko kay dghan kaayo cebu blogs nga deserving mabutang sa top 10.

    Anyways, thanks for having my site here. I just write for fun.

    Thanks to BCB team(pwede mu apil ani nga team?)hehehe

  9. bugITs says:

    @knight carl.. welcome bai, please grab the badge

    @clado di mana bias ui! actually 4 teknoys, kevin, iggy, ikaw ug orbel :P:P

  10. nalimot ko ug recommend ani nga blog dah...

  11. apila pud ko ninyo sunod woi. please...bwahahahahaha...mamugos ba!

  12. bugITs says:

    @orbel.. naapil na sa finalist si berg bai.. haha

    @prince..sure thing basta taga cebu man kaha ka? ahe

  13. ceblogger says:

    great initiative! hope this would go on next year and the next pa gyud.

  14. bugITs says:

    @cebloger thanks a lot. I hope you can be part of it by this year

  15. Miong says:

    oi congrats sa mga winners! next meet up nato kai, Pizza! Pizza!hehe (sa CIT na ko skwela sunod.hehe)

  16. McBilly says:

    Hey BugITs! Thank you very much for the award. I was pretty surprised when I first read your comment in my blog. But I’m really honored. :D

    Looking forward to the next batch this 2009. =]

  17. cOngrats sa napilian!


  18. Rodelio says:

    and the criteria for judging? :)
    Anyway, congrats guys!!!

  19. DepEd ph says:

    I visited the blogs and I say they are truly best blogs in Cebu.


    next time sama nyo blogs ko.

  20. Kai says:

    wee oh wee oh wee!!! congrats ninyo!! hihihi...

  21. Congratulations Guys!

    Keep it up!

  22. By the way, is there any criteria set for this competition for 2009.

    Hope so. We can blow this up to become a major thing that every bloggers in Cebu can aspire for.

    Anyhow, to the mind behind this award, you gave the Cebu Blogger's Society member's another motivation to grow.

    Good luck to the next year's wannabee's!

  23. clarence says:

    excited for this year's BCB :D

  24. Anonymous says:

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