Posted by : Cebu Blogger Friday, December 5, 2008

Hey is this true? or just another setup forgotten to configure in my firefox.
Is wordpress having new set-up in their dashboard? see my set-up below:

I just noticed it this afternoon when i checked my EUTS personal blog.
Are you guys experiencing the same? I got no news from wordpress.

But generally, i found it awkward coz the new setup is the tools and other navigation link is placed in the left side. And they have this dashboard box which includes Blog Stats, Blog Surfer, My comments, Tag Surfer and Readomatic which are placed at the top part.

Quickpress is also available which is placed in the top right of the set-up.

Today, i do not like it but i never know what if i will get use to it soon. lolx!

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  1. ayisharu says:


    it`s new!^^

    i was surprised too when i opened it yesterday~

    looks kewlness to me!^^

  2. Richard says:

    nakapagtataka ah.. bakit hindi ganyan look ng wordpress dashboard ko? hehe..

  3. bugITs says:

    @ayisharu - when i wrote this i dont like the new design but now ok siya

    @richard - OA mo naman.. tanong2x pa! hahahah.. kewl new site mo ah!

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