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According to the US State Department which is noted in a 2008 report, China had increased its campaign to "control and censor the internet, and the government had tightened restrictions on freedom of speech and the domestic press" and bloggers.

Chinese People in Internet Cafe in Beijing

This move was realized as many Chinese government agencis launched a drive against pornographic pictures, videos, content or any materials on the web. In addition, China has released a blacklist of 19 websites, including Google that said to be providing these adult contented pages.

According to Xinhua news agency, Chinese Google has provided large number of links to some porn websites in their search results which includes pictures and links.

But like any other country, China has made this actions for the people's safety and security.

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  1. kristian says:

    I think we are in danger!!hehe..but i guess it wont happen here..we are in a democratic country..we are privileged for freedom of speech

  2. Shet? Kung kita kaha sa Pinas nu? Di siguro. Magwelga jud mga bloggers society. ;]

  3. Mag welga jud na buh. Kay tingnan mo bloggers here in Phil, liberated kaayo. hehe... I mean free to deliver message in the mass.

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