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Yes, Myspace, the 2nd social networking, is much cleaner now.
I remembered that i was searching for a birthday glitters which will be posted in my email then i was tumble down in this website having this rated 18 or censored graphics..tsk2x. Anyhow, Myspace team is really in good mood now. Together with FACEBOOK, they agree to have more laws and implementation of ways to protect children below 18 in the way of finding better ways of age verifying, banning sex wrongdoers in the site and lessening the capability of old users in the search feature.

Since Myspace and Facebook has implemented these initiatives, can Friendster also follow this good doings? Coz, so far, Friendster has a lot of unsolicited, censored and pornographic pictures and the like.

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  1. WOW

    Nice layout. Imo jud gigamit ang box na layout. Nindot, nindot.

    Ang imo comments pwede pud nimo i-Disqus para mas nindot...

  2. bugITs says:

    waaaaaaaaaa! patodlo niya ko nimo bai bry!

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