Posted by : Cebu Blogger Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just when Amazon released their Kindle 2.0, they now offer Iphone and Ipod users a kindle applications which can be installed to their gadget for free.

sample screenshot of Kindle in Iphone

I know some of the people in the US have now this iphone in them but if you are planning to buy this $359 Kindle, well, its not a good move then, just download and install the Kindle applications from Apps Store. How about the ebook, is it also for free? I say nope, you need to purchased these Kindle based ebooks from Amazon and afterwhich, you can copy this files to your iphone or ipod in order to read it anywhere you go. Thats the good thing!

But I guess, i still can't hold and play with this gadgets, poor me!

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