Posted by : Cebu Blogger Monday, March 30, 2009

Have you receiving this kind of subject in your email lately? Or last year or early this year? Well, if that so you already know that this kind of email is a HOAX.

Yes, there is no official report yet from any genuine Antivirus company or organization that there is an exisiting virus embedded in a picture of Osama Bin-Laden in an email and when you open this, your computer will crash and will not be fixable.

According to Australian High Tech Crime Centre or AHTCC , The Osama Bin Laden capture email is a hoax email purports to be a warning message about a destructive virus that causes computer systems to crash if users open an email containing pictures of Osama Bin Laden.

The organization suggests people and users that this email should be ignored, deleted and not forward to others. And take note, Australian Federal Police does not send email warning messages to the general public.

Hayy, i thought that was true. Thanks, i can now breathe! lol.

PS: This kind of hoax had started last October of 2007, this post is generally dedicated to my online and colleagues who are willing to know what is this piece of sh*t all about.

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  1. It's looks as if you've received what amounts to a hoax e-mail, the which debunks for you right here.

    Further, you might want to check the headers on that e-mail; it may not be the real McCoy if it's claimed that the Australian Federal Police sent same. Report it to the proper channels based on header information, and because it appears to invoke the AFP's good name and repute, they should be advised of its being a spoof.

  2. maundy thurs bro. hows ur celeb?

    txs naalala mo ko..balik ka.

    namis ko rin ang portal mo.:D

    itong virus news narinig ko nga the other day.

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