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"Social Networking and Blogging sites: Fourth most Popular Activity on the net"

Nielsen had released their report entitled Global Faces and Networked Places last week of this month. According to the data gathered, Facebook, one of the largest and fastest growing Online Social Networking had opened up into a much wider audience which gave a total amount of time spent of 566% in the span from December 2007 to Decemeber 2008. So much for that, Facebook growth had come from users aged 35-49 who have given the sites a boom! within this specified time span.

In addition, Facebook is the leading social networking site across Australia, Spain, Switzerland, France, UK and Italy but it never made it with these countries; Brazil, China, Germany, Japan and USA. (Im wondering where is Philippines in the data? lolx..) And in China, the country having the largest population (as far as i know), has given another site as a lead, no other than

At school, i have also experience the supremacy of Facebook especially when we are having an activity on the laboratory, last time i often asked by them.."What is your friendster account?" but now, "hey, do you have facebook? face to face ta be!" (hahahhaha)

A detailed and very interesting report can be seen here >>>> Global Faces and Networked Places

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  1. Duh, friendster ra japon ko ug multiply. Libog pa kau ang facebook. Create one but didn't push though with it. Hehehe.

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