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Now, with my daily activity routine, surfing on some news and updates on technology and other stuffs, i was shocked on the PCWorld's The World's Wierdest Keyboards written by Benj Edwards.

Can you imagine using a keyboard with side mirrors? Am i driving in a motorcycle? heheheh

SafeType Keyboard
Manufactured by Ergonomic-Interface Keyboard Systems

Wow! am i learning my ABCs here? where is the QWERTY? hehehe.. definitely, children will love this rainbow colored keyboard.

New Standard Rainbow Keyboard
Manufacturer: New Standard Keyboards

All I can say, I love the design! hell ya!

abKey Revolution
Manufacturer: abKey

I also love this virtual keyboards.. hmmmm, just wondering how will i use this? ehhe

Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard
Manufacturer: i.Tech Dynamic

Wow! the keyboard looked like the cashier's big calculator. great! heheh

Maltron Single-Handed Keyboard
Manufacturer: P.C.D. Maltron

hmmm, so how is it? do you find them helpful or stressful? heheh See all here >>>>

8 Responses so far.

  1. iggy says:

    mga pau-so og palahi


  2. Anonymous says:

    wah! kuyawa duh! MAKALILISANG! :p

  3. michael says:

    naa na ni dri sa PINAS? hehe

  4. waaaaa! weird jud.. ayos tong naay side mirror.. ke naganet bya ko, sige lang ko kabangga.. wahahaa!

  5. ayisharu says:



    nays lagi ni!! suya ko dah!! xD

  6. OMG!

    KB pa ba na? hehehe...

    Lufet! ehehehe

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