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As remembered, 3 years ago, Microsoft introduced and delivered two public Office 2007 beta, first in March 2006 and last in September. But now, Microsoft claimed that they will not provide a public viewing and download of this beta phase of application but instead the company will invite users to do the preview starting this November 2009.

Eventhough some of my colleagues here in my company are using Office 2007 and other IT professionals here and outside the country, we cannot deny that
many users prefer to have the 2003 version than the updated one, but how can Microsoft address this kind of uncertainty to these users especially when they are about to give way to the latest Application Suite which in fact people have not recovered yet to the dilemma and technological shock that Office 2007 has given.

Anyways, Microsoft said that final release of Office 2010 will be available by the first quarter or half of 2010.

I may love Office 2007 but 2003 is the best!

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  1. Jerry says:

    But I love Office 2007 - and now get uncomfortable with Office 2003.

  2. ayisharu says:

    i hope mas "user-friendly" and "sabotable" na xa..xD

    it took me some time before i got used with 2007...

    ug d ko magsabang MS Word ug Visio ra ako gamiton na 2007~ xD

  3. bugITs says:

    @ jerry i still love 2003 but i do love reporting and graphics that 2007 brings

    @ayisharu sabotable gyud? hehehe

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love Office 2003. Not so comfortable with Office 2007.

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