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As i checked my twitter account today after i read the latest buzz of microblogging collision (plurk vs. twitter), i then noticed 9 new follower request, this include 2 of my college classmates. Its been a month that i have not check or do twitting in Twitter but i feel the same when i logged in. The boredom and too much simplicity of this site do not excite me more or this maybe because some or majority of my online and Cebu Bloggers Society friends and colleagues are residing in Plurk.

So wazzup with Twitter? After Oprah Winfrey joined Twitter, this free social messaging utility has recovered its loss (showing that 60% of Twitter users do not return to this site for the next month, as reported by A Nielsen Co.) the site has recalled 30% rate. But online traffic tracker comSCore Inc. has reported that Twitter had a 131% increase in US visitors from January to March of this year and has jumped 700% traffic jumped in February.

and oops! another thing, Twitter has their own version of Dictionary of all words that relates to twitter

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  1. ai.. d manko nahan twitter. hehehe mypa plurk!

  2. lucas says:

    sikat na sikat na nga ang plurk at twitter. i have both but i'm not so hooked. hehe! thanks for dropping by :)

  3. bugITs says:

    @guads ako sauna ganahan pero kay kadaghanan sa dool sa akong kasing2x naa man sad plurk, sa nadool nasad sa ako kasing2x ang plurk..jejejje

    @lucas bro, salamat sa bisita, dapat magplurk ka..ano account mo? add mo ko! hhahah

  4. Bro ok ba sa yong mag pa review ng site 2 links and 150 words lang for P150 too. let me know or comment me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  6. Anonymous says:

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