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Last Saturday, May 23, 2009 marked the first ever and the biggest Ultimate Overclocking show in the Philippines which was held at SM City Cebu Entertainment plaza with two of the most prominent Overclockers group here in Cebu, The Sugbo Elites and The Cebu Extremes, both competing for the title "Ultimate Overclockers" and a prize which total to about 50,000 pesos. Very lucky for the Cebu Bloggers Society to be invited and joined the media group in the said event.

Each team will do their best to gain and achieve the following categories:

  • Highest % Overclock
  • Highest CPU Mhz
  • Highest Bclock
  • Highest Memory Speed
  • Highest 3DMark Vantage score in the overclocked system
  • Highest SuperPI

Both teams used ASUS motherboards but with different Processors namely; ASUS Rampage II Gene for Intel Core i7 920 2.66 Ghz (INTEL) and ASUS M4A79-T Deluxe for Phenom II X4 9650 (AMD). The two teams worked great and were successful to overclock the system, with the laymen's term; they were able to function the system above normal. Cebu Extremes has successfully overclocked from 2.66 Ghz to 4.299 Ghz while Sugbo Elites produced 4.0 Ghz from 3.0 Ghz normal. In addition, ASUS offered three of its Overclocking tools: TurboV, Turbo Key and Precision Tweaker.

In this affair, ASUS was able to introduce some of its products which they have given to the attendees/audience after every Question and Answer portion. Some of them are the ASUS OCZ-A Sata with 1,500 mbps speed, u1 asus music station, their Computer harness and others. Regarding the warranty, as asked by Jun Tariman of ABS-CBN Cebu if ASUS will provide warranty to those damaged Motherboards which is an effect of an Overclocking activity, then the ASUS confirmed, they do but only depends on what really happens or the cause of the tamperation. For example, if the problem is over hardware, ASUS technician will further check the hardware and there will be a possible board replacement if cannot be fixed.

CBS was able to cover the whole activity until end. Afterwhich, the group has decided to unwind and proceed to McBilly's house for an overnight videoke party and to celebrate his achievement as Mania Cum Laude in BSIT at AMA Computer College. Congratulations bro!

Trivia: ASUS Company was able to earn revenue of 8.1 billion US dollars for 2008. ASUS ranks among the top 10 IT Companies in BusinessWeek’sInfoTech 100” and has been on the listing for 11 consecutive years.

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  1. e grab nko ang pic ha? nindot lagi xa ai.. ashh inn.. nyahahahaha...

  2. Miong says:

    My mobo is ASUS, how about yours?

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