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Nope, its not CIT, we are talking about the latest ranking from comScore Core Search Report for April 2009.For about 14.8 billion online searches in the US (not counting the other countries), GOOGLE still tops the search engine market rank.

With 64.2 % of share of searches, Google outstood the other 4 major search engine sites. While second on the rank is Yahoo, with 20.4 % of share, having its negative figure in Point Change from March to April. Next to it is the Microsoft sites with just 8.2 % followed by ASK network - 3.8 and AOL LLC - 3.4 on the fifth place.

When we talk about its Search Queries output, good thing is, all sites are doing good except AOL LLC having negative figure which shows a lower value of search queries of the month of April than the previous month.

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  1. dili na dyud mapildi ang google.

    Waaaa wala pa akong review

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