Posted by : Cebu Blogger Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Microsoft alleged new search engine codename: Kumo was forgotten and put to trash as the company is now considering its new name BING. And the shaking news is that Microsoft is working to have a massive Ad campaign.

According to AdvertisingAge, Bing will cost for about $80-$100 million not just online, but this includes advertisement and promotions on TV, print and radios. It cannot be denied that this move will be compared to Google's advertising launching budget of $25 million only last year. Will this big amount pushed by Microsoft can do a big change in internet search market?

I always remember when i ask my boss or classmate with a certain topic, they would preferably replied, "Google it!" . Can Bing change this users view of internet search? Can Bing beat Google's new tools and search options? Can Bing surpass Yahoo's new features of searching online? Can Bin even ask

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  1. well, if that is so... then there's another opportunities for the internet enthusiasts...

  2. mmmm, we shall stand still and wait for developments

    i hope you drop by my site too!


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