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It seems that promotion and other advertisement regarding Microsoft's Bing worked. As it overtakes Yahoo's number 2 spot as the best search engine in the US and worldwide last Thursday according to StatCounter Global Stats.

Yahoo landed in third place with a share of 10.22 % only but Microsoft Bing surpasses with 16.28 % share and as expected, Google still top all search engine market with 71.47 %.

The Microsoft Beta Bing is now online and can be used and browsed. But after i tested it several times, i found it boring which even my site did not topped the search, lols. But i like the over all presentation of the search engine in the homepage.

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  1. Euts, since Microsoft launched their Bing web browser a few days ago; I conducted an experiment which I'll blog tonight. I spent one week of browsing using Bing, and found something really interesting -you know I'm quite ironic, hehehe- on the search results... I'll buzz you up once I posted the article...

  2. wow, aus microsoft ah... atleast nagwork ang efforts nila... congrats to them! :D

  3. the bing has a graphical thingy thats why for the time it was launched, many of the users love it

  4. I'm back... as promised on my last comment here, I'm done with my experiment with the top 4 search engines... And my discovery was really interesting... Check it out here:

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