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Google has built this what they call Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook which is a very useful tool for users and business people to continue using some of their plugins even if they are now switching to Google Apps. In addition, the team focuses on allowing Outlook users to connect to Google Apps for business email, contacts and calendar. But the problem is, some users having plugins with their outlook cannot continue to work with the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft.

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And Last Tuesday, Chris Vander Mey, Senior Product Manager, Google Apps, highlighted some of this unworkable plugins:

  1. Microsoft Office Outlook Connector
  2. Acrobat PDF Maker Toolbar
  3. Outlook Change Notifier

Programs that interact directly to outlook data file:
  1. Windows Desktop Search
  2.'s encryption plugin

So far, Google Apps team is currently working with Microsoft and other partners for the resolution of these bugs.

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