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Yes, at last. After all the "later this year or mid this year or early 2010" speculations, now Microsoft has confirmed its official Launch Date of the most awaited OS after the very problematic Windows Vista, the Windows 7. October 22 of this year, Companies and consumers can now buy this OS from retailers and preinstalled in new PCs.

After this date, then people can test if it surpasses the headache-causer windows vista and can contribute a lot of productivity and most of all, user friendly interfaces. As to date, Windows 7 is now on release candidate stage and as shown from reviews, it has now the capability of a great performance and compatibility is not a problem not like Vista which made every IT companies and customers sticked to windows XP for many years.

As of now, Microsoft is busy of promoting and working on many ways to let people know and be convinced that Windows 7 is more stronger than Vista.

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  1. Aimee says:

    shocks!! maypa later nalang ko nag-palit ug bag-o unit dah! hmmm..
    vista is somehow inconvenient, indeed!

  2. Soon2...

    i will be uSing tHis OS..


    a License One!

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