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Does Bing surpasses Google? Coz it does with Yahoo!

Many reviews flash the net world which started on the launching day of Bing, Microsoft's revised search engine site, until this day. Some says Google still remain on top and some, Bing works the best.

But for my point of view both have the same features in the some way that the only difference is their respective presentation of the site.

Let set for example, the search for images. In Google, images are displayed in an ordered manner with label and source site below them while in Bing, images also are displayed well with no labels on them, but if you try to mouse over those images, you will see then the snapshot of these images with the file name, source site and others.

Image above differentiates more how the two search sites display their images results

In addition, Bing offers this kind of

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filtering or sorting the display according to size, layout, color, style and people. And so with Google images, you can let Google shows those images you want "by type or size" or "by type and size" and with their corresponding colors.

Bing Filter Feature

Google Filter/Sort Feature

Other thing is, the Homepage display of each of these sites. In Bing, they usually changing the background image and obviously, promoting some area or location in the US. While in Google, as we used to it, they do some art with their name in the homepage that corresponds to the celebration or any significant event on that specific day.

Bing Vs Google Homepage Displays (i admit, Bing is cool!)

These observation are just few of the many reviews we can encounter in the web. And for sure, as a customer or user, we need to know what this specific site offers indifferently from its competitor, we need to know what are its new features that the other site doesn't have and most importantly, we need the data more accurately and sharp.

To view some of Bing and Google's trademark, let us see these reality.

With Google, bloggers are happy not just because their blogsites have the big possibility to be included in Google's SRP but because they earn from it with the help of Google. But the point is, Google is blogger friendly, they usually display sites from different blogs on which Bing doesn't even know about it.

Bing displays my blogsite at top 10 while Google displays it at top 4

On the other hand, Bing offers less advertisement which is very good for some ordinary users/people who found them very annoying.

If you are a fan of "search engine site battle", you may find this site very interesting, i usually uses this site everytime i do some comparative search, this site is called bing vs. google, its like another search engine site but the funny part, it will display search results in the page which is divided into two parts , the other one from Bing and Google in the other part.

Bing Vs Google search site

Try it and tell me, Does Bing surpasses Google? or Google rocks!

7 Responses so far.

  1. mganda yung Microsoft's Bing, especially the homepage! Parang PC Dekstop ang dating ng homepage ng Bing..

    Pero the bad thing about Bing, hindi nga blogger friendly.. :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    Firefox is still the best.
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  3. Jayric says:

    hahaha, i don't think so firefox is the best...

  4. mark says:


    giuSab ang header dah....

    Wd Fis na jUD

    Peru Bitaw..

    anice Jud anG BIng.

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