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After Disney and Asus teamed up for their very own masterpiece, Disney Netpal, Here comes Dell and Nickelodeon with their Dell Mini Nickelodeon Edition. If you know Spongebob, iCarly or Green Slime, then this netbook is for you, these three different Design Studio designs are the choices available.

Dell and Nickelodeon's Netbook for kids is inspired and based on the popular Inspiron Mini 10v. Here are the features and some of them are slight the same with Disney netpal.
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Safe Computing Experience - these netbooks will be shipped with 15-months subcription to McAfee's Family Security - Which provides guardians set of tools in setting up controls and other online precautions.

Important Educational Content - Games from Nickelodeon and Whyville is just a click away so with educational stuff.

Fun!Fun!Fun! - The team partnered with Stardock Systems Inc to make a personalized kid-themed interface which includes Nickelodeon wallpaper, icons, a custom skin for WMP and Start Menu.

On October, Mini Nickelodeon Edition will be available online and also at Walmart stores. Pricing is not yet available but will be posted soon.

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  1. wee... nindot raba jd ni xa mark. naa mi ani sa office. nindot gani kawaton. lelz

  2. I am keen to have this ..... My dad has promised me to give this as a new year gift.

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