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Nokia, a pioneer in mobile telecommunications and the world's largest maker of mobile devices, promised a once for a lifetime PC-like experience on a handset-sized mobile device though N900. It was reported today, N900 will be ran by Maemo software, a free software platform which is being developed by the Maemo community through open source.

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With its latest version of Maemo 5 software, Nokia N900 can offer customers to utilize dozen of applications that most of them are the same of that on desktop applications. In addition, it will satisfied users through their full cellular features, touch screen and the QWERTY keyboard. It will run in Linux software and users can browse through the Mozilla technology.

Nokia N900 has 32GB storage memory which is expandable to 48GB using microSD card. It has this technology for camera -- 5MP camera and Carl Zeiss optics. It features high-resolution WVGA touch screen and fast internet connectivity with 10/2 HSPA and WLAN. If you are a fan of youtube and any other flash driven websites and video watching, using the Mozilla browser with Adobe Flash™ 9.4 support, you can feel what it feels when you are doing it in a desktop computer.

Nokia N900 will soon be available this coming October with an estimated retail proce of 500 (Euro).

Maemo Features in N900

Maemo is an advanced Linux-based operating system designed to run on high-end Nokia mobile computers. It has lots of features that can be seen in N900 and the best of the best which i believe will make a buzz to users are the following:

Maemo Browser

With the Mozilla browser that will looks like the version in desktop, then browsing is just as the same as doing it anywhere.


N900 brings 5MP camera, Capture high-quality photos and video with the built-in 5 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss Optics that can configure sharpness of an image. Dual flash will complete the camera feature.

Media Player

using this highend Media Player, watching and video streaming will just a touch with a hand. In addition, Video codecs are already added, thus avi, wmv and other video files that need them will play simply. FM Radio and Music/Mp3 playing will also be featured.

Here are the list of the features:

* Panorama desktop
* Dashboard
* Maemo Browser
* Phone
* Conversations
* Contacts
* Photos
* Email
* Calendar
* Ovi Maps
* Maemo Update

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  1. Iphone killer? hehe... Definitely a handheld computer!

    Best of all it's open source!

  2. Wow this is what a busy people looking for. When it will be release to Philippine market anyway?

  3. Nash says:

    iPhone still is the number 1 :P

    sorry i'm a self-confessed iPhone addict :))

    hey bugits thank sa pagdalaw sa photoblog ko cheers!

  4. Nash says:

    hey bugits weeee nako napaka bolero mo talaga ayun mabuti naman naaala mo pa ako ang tgal ko na wala sa blogosphere eh haha basta keep in touvh palagi ha? nga pala im following you na sa "Google Connect" cheers

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