Posted by : Cebu Blogger Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It seems E-book reading device is the market target of some IT (software and hardware) related companies nowadays. As Amazon recently announced its Kindle to be available in Australia, Barnes and Noble unveiled its device on Tuesday called Nook which is a challenge to Amazon's Kindle.

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Nook is powered by Google's android software and has a black and white electronic ink display feature which is mainly for reading books and small color touchpad for navigation, storing books or making purchases online. The nice thing is, Nookers (Nook Users) will be given a privilege to lend other e-books to other users for free but up to 14 days only. These specified users must be utilizing the Apple iPhone, the iPod touch and certain BlackBerry and Motorola smartphones.

Aside from Nook, Plastic Logic, a Mountain View, California-based company, said on Monday that they will be introducing an e-reader for business professionals called the "QUE" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. They will then give users the pricing of the said device and its final availability

In addition to this specified market, A US Company named Fremont, California-based Spring Design Inc. also said on Monday that they will soon be releasing a dual-screen e-reader initially known as "Alex" which is at the same time powered by Android.

The first challenger, Nook costs the same price with Amazon Kindle with 259 US dollars. As reported, this device will be available this coming November end.

Will these devices bring down Amazon Kindle and steal its market share?

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    kmsta ang computer wiz?

    ugh, pardon for me for the purging, ikw naman kase lulubog lilitaw sa aking bahay. i did link-back and visited ur other portal as well. txs.

    syempre u will follow me too :)..salamat sa pagbabalik. :)

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