Posted by : Cebu Blogger Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After two years of waiting, Amazon Kindle will be available in Australia next week. This was confirmed by Amazon Kindle vice-president Steve Kessel. With the help of AT&T, the world's top phone service provider, in providing internet access outside the US, Kindle users can now browse the Kindle website with no cost of book downloading.

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As Mr Kessel said, its more than 200,000 books available for download from the Kindle online store for free. And for magazines and newspapers, Mr Kessel proudly presented that they will soon include Australian published books in the online store because of their tandem and connections to over 100,000 publishers.

Kindle gadget comes in two version, first is the Kindle 2.0 and the Kindle DX. Both come from Amazon, the number one provider of ebooks and online reading materials.

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