Posted by : Cebu Blogger Sunday, October 4, 2009

After experiencing a very bad mood due to losing of a 2 GB pst file of my outlook, I was able to receive a news about this online back-up and its not just an ordinary back-up but an unlimited online storage by McAfee which is powered by Mozy.

This service offers an automatic, unlimited storage and protection to all your digital files and memories.

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Protection - it has a feature of encrypting data files for security purposes. Private data will surely be safe
Unlimited - Because of its unlimited storage, users will not be confused of what files are more important to be saved --- "unlimited storage means all files saved"
Assurance - even if you forgot to save all your files but you left your PC idle, no worries - automatic backup will be triggered.
online from offsite - Users can access their files online in a secured offsite server.
Easy restoration - in any case, if users have accidentally experiencing PC crash, then data restoration is as easy as a single click. With this MCafee service plus internet access, files will then be restored in seconds.

With above specialized features of McAfee unlimited online storage, users will soon be worry-free. This service is already available in the US for the 30-day trial version and for a year subscription - it only costs $59.99. This is good for windows-type PC only and it will soon be available at 27 countries worldwide including Asia, Europe and others - this is targeted before the year ends.

3 Responses so far.

  1. So, this is not yet available in the Philippines?

  2. bugITs says:

    @Jerry, not yet and i believe the 30-day trial is good for the US only.

  3. Rianov says:

    sir bugits, try been using this for years already...

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